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Gallery - Quality, in High Definition. 

Nationwide Service

A view of the Suir estuary from a roof in Waterford. Based in Dublin and

Kildare we offer our services throughout Ireland.

New and Re-Roofing.

We use only the highest quality products on the market to suit your

roofing needs.

New roofing.

We will meet and discuss with you the variety of roofing materials

available and advise you on what might suit you the best.

Flat Roofing

We offer a range of flat roofing solutions to suit your needs.

Flat Roofing

Before and after felt roof repair.


Ridge, Valley and Verge pointing with a 10 year guarantee. Flexible

compound that wont crack or flake during changeable weather conditions.


HD Roofing Services are Ireland's first accredited users of the amazing

new flexipoint compound.

Low pressure roof cleaning.

Before and after roof treatment on natural slate roof at Klidare Village outlet.

Gaco Roof

100% silicone liquid roof coating for low pitched and flat roofing. A fantastic new alternative to costly flat roof installation and repair work.

24 hour service.

Flexible working hours to suit any business or emergency call out situation

Wall Treatment

Low pressure treatment of Algae on dashed and roughcast render wall surfaces with damaging the substrate.

Low pressure roof cleaning.

Low pressure roof cleaning technique using a range of specially developed application tools

Before, During and After.

Amazing results over time using Mossgo pro roof cleaning technique.

Low pressure roof cleaning

After hours roof treatment at Kildare Village outlet.

Low pressure roof cleaning

Picture on the left taken one week after treatment, picture on the right how it looks one year later.

No pressure washing or roof paint gimmicks.

Our cleaning methods use a similar pressure to that of a garden hose, this image shows an old asbestos slate well into its self cleansing process.

Safety first.

All our workers carry up to date safepass cards and undergo continuous safety training.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning using our Gutter Vac system. 60ft high level reach from the safety of the ground

Effects of moss growth

Many people believe moss growth to be only a cosmetic issue, truth is it can be far more than that and extremely costly if ignored.

Mossgo Pro Ireland

Packie Bonner meeting HD Services and some of the Mossgo Pro Ireland team.

Low Pressure Roof Cleaning by HD Roofing Services

Low pressure eco-friendly roof cleaning by HD Roofing ServicesRemoves moss, algae, lichen and other unsightly growths from your roof or exterior surfaces, keeping your home or business looking its b...

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