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Aggressive Vs Non aggressive exterior cleaning.
Keeping a roof clean
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Roof Coatings, the truth.


Effects of moss growth.
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Roof maintenance

Roof Coatings, the truth.

Just when we thought it was time to pack away the winter woollies out pops Met Eireann with a weather warning, and not just an ordinarily weather warning either, an orange status warning! This can mean only one thing Sneachta! The country grinds to a halt, mass chaos in the aisles of Tesco... ok slight exaggeration, but it has given me a few hours to get a post done on here.
While pricing roof cleaning jobs I have been asked a fair bit about Roof Coatings or Roof Painting as it is also known.

Breaking the Mould

Breaking the Mould  

     Mould is easier to clean than the soot of old, but with the return of clean air, nature has reclaimed ground in a way not always foreseen. Problems sometimes arise when a building does not receive its full share of sun. In other places there are not enough sunny days in a year to stop deleterious growth. The issue does not affect all materials in the same way. Most roofing materials will someday need cleaning, but not all, and not at the same intervals.

Natural slate, repair and maintenance.

Hi there!
Its been a while since my last post here, mainly down to the fact we have been very busy over the last few months. A complaint I hope to use more often!!
Anyway, I'd like to thanks those who have took time to read my posts over the last year, and those who have left comments, both positive and negative. Like everyone I learn from the opinions of others.

I recently came across an article written by an american guy called Jeffrey S. Levine, all about natural slate roofing and just wanted to share a short extract with you that highlights some important tips when it comes to repairing and maintaining this type of roofing.

Importance of roof maintenace

Roof maintenance is very important to promote a long lasting roof. An effective roof is critical to the overall protection, insulation, security, and fiscal investment of a home. Neglect to this vital part of a property can result in significant damage and costly repairs or needed replacement. The type of roofing material utilized has influence over the best maintenance strategies to promote optimum roof condition. Regular inspection, cleaning, and other tactics will help keep the roof operational as long as possible.