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Effects of moss growth.
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Keep power washers off your roof!

I was sat in my car outside a local super market a few months back and a guy was sticking leaflets under the wiper blades of other parked cars. After he noticed I was in my car he knocked on my window to hand me his leaflet, he was advertising his 'pressure washing service' that included roof cleaning. I asked him how much to have the roof cleaned? 
"It depends on the house boss, give me your number and i'll have a look" he says to me.
"But will that not damage the roof?

Know what your getting.

I read somewhere recently that April was the wettest in over 40years here in Ireland, most of the rain fell in a matter of days and many peoples roofing weaknesses were left exposed. 
I think we had seven call outs in a single afternoon, all of which were due to roof leaks, and the thing that surprised me most was the amount of jobs we went to that the customers told us they thought they had their problem sorted by other roofers only weeks or months previously.
One woman we went to in Naas, co.

Where's all this moss coming from?

While looking through some old photos (late 80s to 90s), it caught my eye that in the background many of the roofs that were visible were all virtually spotless. You can drive to any housing estate more than a couple of years old, or to any house on its own in the countryside nowadays and you'll do well to find one that is not either green with moss and algae or covered in yellow lichens.
Remove unsightly growths safely with damage to the roof materials.
So why all of a sudden, in the space of a few years is there so much moss, algae, lichens and other growths present on not only roofs but other external surfaces like walls and paths?


Hi folks,

Welcome to the location of our new blog.
We will begin writing here shortly on all aspects of roofing, our experiences, views, and recommendations. 
It would be great to get the feed back of anyone interested, both positive and negative (we love a good debate) 
We are open to other peoples suggestions or views and look forward to hearing them.
Our aim is to deliver a first class service to customers, and if that means having to learn new things or develop our service further than so be it!